Screen-shots is a blog for people who like to watch violent shooty-kick films and drink*.

*Responsibly, yo.


What’s a shooty-kick?
A category of films that have a least one gun or a fancy fight scene.

I watch old and new movies and judge them on the quality of the violence, awarding a “shooty” and/or a “kicky rating” out of 5.

Why only violent films?
It’s good for my mindfulness practice. I get to project revenge onto fake enemies, so I am free to be more present with my real ones.

Why do you pair films with an alcoholic drink?
So I can finally put hours of research to good use. It’s my gift to you.

Do I have to drink?
No. I’m just some dumb bozo hiccuping my way through the internet.

I don’t endorse underage drinking or am trying to push an alcoholic agenda. The boozing is a recommendation based on my experience as a grown-ass woman. If you’re concerned about your health, seek professional advice for fuck sake.